Luxury Wedding Photography in Barcelona Spain
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Luxury Wedding Photography in Barcelona Spain

The joy of the newlyweds

This is one of my favourite wedding photographs that I ever took. It has such a happy, joyful atmosphere and it catches everyones attention with its cheerful feeling. It just screams joy! This photograph shows a bride and a groom sharing a special moment in between the wedding preparations and excitement. It truly was so unique, finding a quite minute in all the wedding chaos. Even though you can not see the grooms face, I am sure you can imagine it just by the way that he is holding the bride’s hands in his. The bride’s face is full of bliss and optimism. I loved taking part in this wedding and meeting this amazing couple. Her wedding dress was a gorgeous piece by Vera Wang and the lace veil complemented it so beautifully. She looked just like a princess. The venue was so magical as well. The wedding took place in Westin Palace in Madrid. It is a historic building in the centre of Madrid. It has that historic feel, decorated with marble and white furnishing. With high ceilings, huge windows and beautiful interior this was such a perfect place to photograph a wedding and I can say that I really enjoyed it. 

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

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