Wedding Photographer  Wedding Celebration in Barcelona
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Wedding Photographer Wedding Celebration in Barcelona

Turquoise bride preparations

I just love the atmosphere of this picture and how the light blue turquoise colour perfectly represents and shows the amazingly positive atmosphere of this wedding. The colours of this wedding were white and light turquoise, which was such a beautiful combination, which really stood out in pictures. I am sure you can also tell from the picture that the weather was extremely favourable, the sun was out and it created such beautiful lightning for photographs. On top of that, this wedding took place in Chateau Amade. This unique style castle with a historical atmosphere is a place like no other. The outstanding architecture and a colourful, breath-taking garden make this place ideal for a summer wedding celebration. I took this photograph during the bride’s preparations. The bride, her bridesmaids and close family members were all spending some girly time together, while she was getting her hair done, her makeup done and getting dressed. The atmosphere was so incredible and stress-free, which gave me the perfect opportunity to take this picture. To me, it just screams excitement!  The bride’s embellished dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses contribute to the fresh and clean feeling of this photograph.


Location: Barcelona, Spain.

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