Wedding Photographer in  Wedding Venue Chateau Mcely
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Wedding Photographer in Wedding Venue Chateau Mcely

Award winning bridal portrait in Chateau Mcely created before wedding ceremony. 

This breathtaking bridal portrait that i captured as a wedding photographer in romantic wedding venue chateau Mcely is one of my favourite photographs of 2014. Hope, one day I will again be chosen by couple looking for wedding photographer with experience at wedding venue chateau Mcely.

Bride lies on romantic sofa and ambient light is coming from the window and creates amazing light tender atmosphere. Posing of the bride helps to shine beauty of woman, her tenderness, elegance.

Wedding dress captured by TOP wedding photographer Jan Plachy.

Her unique wedding dress is produced of french lace with details from soft feathers. Her styling is supported by soft long bridal veil. Dress was produced by great fashion designer Jitka Klett 

Chateau Mcely is very special romantic venue in Czech republic with very special atmosphere. It is five-star chateau eco-chic hotel and it is situated just under an hour’s drive from Prague, yet infinitely far from the everyday. It’s an ideal location for romantic weddings.

The hotel’s interior is furnished with great care in “modern chateau” style, with attention paid to every detail. 

This photograph was in TOP 10 of the world photographs in Hasselblad Masters 2014 competition, editor choice in Profesional Photographer magazinu in UK and seocnd place in Estonian profesional photographer competition.

Location: Mcely 61, 289 36 Mcely, Czech Republic.

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