Indian Wedding  Ceremony Photography in Mumbai India
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Indian Wedding Ceremony Photography in Mumbai India

Bride is coming to wedding ceremony in Mumbai

This is one of my favourite pictures from a wedding, which took place in the magical city of Mumbai! It was a traditional Indian wedding, which made it so fun and special to photograph and to be a part of. The traditions and customs were just so different and new to me, and I must say I loved learning about them and exploring this beautiful culture. As the ceremony was so unlike the one’s that I photographed before, I really enjoyed the process and the outcome. The beautifully detailed traditional Indian costumes truly stand out in pictures! In this one, which I took during the ceremony, you can see two of them side by side. You can see the bride wearing the traditional bridal costume, which includes an amazing, hand made veil. On her side, you can see the bride’s sister, wearing a slightly different and a little simpler bridesmaid’s dress. I love how in this picture, you can see the tradition blending in with the new and modern, when you are looking at the combination of Indian costumes and modern sunglasses. In the background, you can see the top of a tent, which was part of the venue. It created such a nice atmosphere for the traditional ceremony!

Location: Mumbai, India.

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