Indian Wedding Photography in Mumbai India Jan Plachy
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Indian Wedding Photography in Mumbai India Jan Plachy

Portrait of an Indian bride wearing a veil Indian Wedding in Mumbai

This wedding was one of our favourite weddings to be a part of as a photographer. It took place in beautiful Mumbai, in the Sea Princess hotel. This place is just so suitable for a traditional wedding and it was so much fun experiencing it through the lens. It is so luxurious, connecting modern and traditional architecture. It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Mumbai. It was especially perfect for this couple, since they had a very long guest list and this venue really was spacious. This magical place made this wedding so special and magnificent. With all the beautiful traditional Indian décor and of course, the amazing traditional fashion, the photographs turned out so fun and colourful. It this picture, I captured the bride wearing a traditional Indian wedding veil. I took this photograph during the unusual wedding ceremony. You can see all the beautiful, dainty, colourful detailing. The pink, purple, red and gold fabrics and embellishments worked so well together to create a true masterpiece. The traditional wedding veil looked so beautiful on this bride not only because of the stunning colours but also because it was hand-made just for her. Her makeup matched the colours as well and that all together made her just the most stunning bride.

Location: Mumbai, India.

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