Engagement  Photo-Session In Vienna, Austria
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Engagement book Jasmin and Dominic

Engagement Photo-Session In Vienna, Austria

Engagement session in Vienna

Jasmin won free engagement session in Vienna. Her future husband Erik was also there,

They are very nice and pretty couple. Photo-shooting was great pleasure also for us as a wedding photographer.Sunny day, great light are perfect conditions for creating stunning love story images.Most important for creating stunning images is light conditions. Many wedding and portraiture photographers looking for mainly nice background. I would not  say that background is not important, but light for wedding and portraiture photography is first. 

As you see on images, light condition is perfect, background support your portraiture images.

f you are looking for the ideal place for a souvenir photo, then Vienna's Stadtpark is the spot - at the foot of the golden Johann Strauß memorial, one of the world's most photographed monuments. Also located in the Stadtpark, are monuments to Franz Schubert, Franz Lehar and Robert Stolz, a marble statue of the painter, Hans Makart, bronze busts of composer, Anton Bruckner, Vienna Mayor, Andreas Zelinka, under whose governance the Stadtpark was laid out, and many more. This makes the Stadtpark the richest park in Vienna for monuments and sculptures. Meadows, flowerbeds, the occasional exotic tree and a large pond make the Stadtpark a green oasis in the center of the city. The park was opened in 1862, following the demolition of the old city wall and the construction of the Ringstraße, and was Vienna's first public park.

Location: Vienna, Austria.

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