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Destination Wedding Photographer in Mumbai India

Indian Bride greeting a friend

This picture is one that I took during a spectacular Indian wedding celebration. It was during a rather informal part of the party, when the bride was greeting all of the guests and talking to everyone, hugging everyone and just enjoying everyone’s company. It is always such a good feeling for the bride and groom to have all of their friends and family gathered in one place to celebrate their love. In my opinion, that happiness is exactly what you can see when you look at this picture. Another part of this photograph that just stands out is the beautiful warm colours and lights, which create the most amazing, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. I just love the combination of yellow, gold, orange and pink light which the bride’s dress complements so beautifully. A big part of the bride’s look, which really made her beauty stand out, was her traditional jewelled headpiece. It is part of the traditional Indian wedding attire and along with the handmade colourful veil and her outstanding dress, it just makes this picture so special. This wedding took place in the Sea Princess Hotel in the beautiful city of Mumbai, just the perfect location for this amazing family!


Location: Mumbai, India.

Filename: luxury-bespoke-wedding-photographer-plachy-033.jpg.