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Destination Wedding Photographers Love to Travel Around the World Capture Your Weeding Day

Our name is Marianna and Jan, married couple who loves Wedding Photography.

We are Destination  Wedding Photographers .We love travel around the world capture great wedding days. Our style is mainly documentary photography. Capture moments between moments. 

We took great images around the world, Austria, Spain, Italy, India and many other places. As a wedding Photographers always looking for great wedding locations, venues and we are ready give you our recommendations.

Wedding Destination in Europe

 There are a lot of great wedding destinations in Europe. Our last wedding destination vas nice venue in Marbella, Spain.

Clients nice words are most important for us 

This past September, we decided to travel from the United States and marry abroad in a private ceremony in Vienna, Austria. Planning a wedding long distance can be challenging, but having the right team alongside you makes the difference. 

We wanted photographers that could capture, not only the key moments, but could also capture our love 'story' in photographs, and we found the perfect couple in Jan and Marianna! Not only were they incredibly professional and true artists , but they are the most authentic and caring individuals we have ever met. They were with us, every step of the way, and were fully present for every part of our ceremony and photo shoot. We actually had the time of our lives and did not feel stressed out due to their calm, caring, and fun nature.

The photographs and the wedding album were amazingly beautiful and the 'story' they captured continues to speak through their work. I would highly recommend them as a dynamic duo that will exceed your greatest expectations. We are honored to have met them, worked alongside them, and to call them our new friends. 

They are a true gift to the art of photography and a gift to our world!! Thank you Jan and Marianna for sharing your love and your light in all that you do!!

For us as a Destination Wedding Photographer nice words from bride and groom are reward  for our work