Great Wedding venue in Tuscany owned by Family Buccelletti.


We visited Great Wedding venue in Tuscany owned by Family Buccelletti.


Famiglia  Buccelletti write about their wedding venue:


”¬†Driven by our values of a love for our land, passion for wine, and an attachment to our tradition we are inspired to share the beauty of the Tuscan countryside and our family-owned and operated villa and wine resort with all who are looking to experience an authentic experience here in Italy. The historic family property has been carefully restored, offers a wide range of services and activities that allow you to better understand the culture of Tuscany.

From wine and food tasting to grape harvesting, from hikes in the beautiful Tuscan hills to a unique medieval dinner or to arranging romantic tuscan weddings, your stay with us will be unforgettable and different from any other. ”


Many thanks for their hospitality and friend relationship. It was great time spent 2 days in this wedding venue and Tuscany location.

We look forward to shoot wedding in this location



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