Wedding in Palace Kinsky captured by wedding photographer in Vienna Jan Plachy

Enjoy magic wedding  in Palace Kinsky of Jahan and Jonathan captured Vienna Wedding photographer Jan Plachy. Couple enjoyed wedding ceremony in beautiful rooms of Palace Kinsky Vienna and Wedding dinner in Palace Ferstel Vienna. Palace Kinsky is famous and luxury… Continue Reading

Book from Marriage Proposal in Monaco created by Wedding Photographer Jan Plachy

We have created great book from marriage proposal in Monaco. You can see all story from this marriage proposal, How this story began. Thanks to my wife Marianna, story was very nice and successful. This Marriage Proposal started with an… Continue Reading

Marriage Proposal in Monaco photographed by Wedding Photographer Jan Plachy

During our photography travel across French Riviera, we have received one email – request for photo shooting in Monaco. It was very simple e-email. He wrote:” I am looking for photographer who is able capture surprised marriage proposal in Monaco.… Continue Reading